The Art of Proximity Marketing – Making Distances Count

One parameter that a marketing campaign often uses or perhaps intuitively engage in is the approach towards sales through the lens of distance. Distance is the parameter a marketer should have in mind as its potential customer base certainly lies in a certain proximity. Keeping in view how targeted sales work, the art of proximity gives us a viable solution on how we can engage a customer who is in proximity. For this purpose, the concept of proximity marketing was initiated and hence proven to be a successful strategy. The following are some of the methods you can use to build a successful strategy based on proximity marketing:

An Apt Advertising Tool:

Advertising is always about being on point in terms of what your message means to a potential customer. The days are gone when you had to pay for a dedicated time of advertisements on Print or TV to an audience that you never know would get attracted in the first place. Proximity marketing involves beacon technology which is an apt tool of advertising as it reaches out a person walking by your shop instantly.

Personalization at its Best:

To personalize with someone means to gain the person’s confidence. Personalization is a technique that is considered as a cornerstone in proximity marketing. After all, when your product is able to personalize with a potential customer there are high chances you might actually make a sale. Retailers understand how important it is to personalize with people or someone who is in the ‘proximity’ of their space. Beacon technology enables you to send the other person a wealth of information that is able to give a satisfying experience of personalizing with others.

Consumer Insights:

Through proximity marketing you can track and gain excusive consumer insights based on their behaviour. For example, you might gain information on what days customers are downloading or gaining access to coupons and promos. Having a data access can help you pre-plan your marketing basics which can help you target a certain audience.


Beacon technology is affordable in terms of what it can achieve and what it actually costs. Besides being an effective tool for marketing it costs nearly a $100 to setup a network of 3-4 iBeacon transmitters. The technology is not only affordable but the risks involved are none which makes it a product worth your investment.

Gaining an advantage in a competitive world requires going beyond our limitations. Beacon technology exactly does that by creating an effective proximity marketing campaign so that potential customers can be reeled in.