Monitor your mobile marketing campaign in real-time and export all captured data to Excel for further analysis.

Reclaim Rates

You’ve got an insight into the quantity of scans, claims and validations.
You can see the exact general of scans, validations and claims, and on which day, week and month. Our validation widget also permits you to save greater personal records out of your customers and may be used to distribute coupons by electronic mail or SMS.

Generated turnover

Our validation widget and API collects coupon data and the ‘cash spent’. You can see the amount(s) customers spent in your locations (using the coupons).

Location Based Advertising

iPushCoupon also provides details about the locations of the scanner, based on the customer’s phone GPS of IP address.

You can see where your customers claimed the coupons on Google maps.


You can export all captured coupon data to Excel for addition analysis, re-advertising and marketing.

All captured coupon records is automatically saved to the database in your dashboard. You can create one coupon for gathering data (e.g. customers call and email deal with), and later, when you have a special promotion, ship a special coupon provide to the captured database.

The benefit of iPushSales is that we offer a entire cross-media marketing device. (e.g. percentage a chit on fb to capture the customer’s e mail), and send every other coupon promotion by e mail to the captured statistics. One single platform in your entire coupon distribution.

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