Can you imagine having data on the behavior of consumers in your establishment as if it were an online store? Now proximity marketing allows you to analyze the behavior of your customers and design strategies based on data about real customers who access your business. Omni-channel devices, such as digital screens or totems, already have video analytics technology, which allows collecting information about the number of people who have seen the contents of the screen, the type of messages they pay more attention to, as well as its demographic profile, always anonymously.


In the same way, it is possible to track the behavior of consumers through their mobile phone. There are more and more local businesses that have their own mobile application to send personalized offers to their customers and offer information about the establishment and its products. This tool allows knowing in-depth data about the clients that download the application and design loyalty strategies, such as accrual of points redeemable for products or special discounts.


In this line, beacon technology allows sending personalized messages to customers who have previously downloaded the establishment’s application. It is a very small device that is placed in different points of the store and detects by Bluetooth, the presence of the customer within the establishment. With this indicator, the merchant can send you personalized offers based on your tastes and preferences, approaching absolute personalization.


The objective is always the same: to know your clients in depth to anticipate their wishes and offer them the products and services they need at the right time. This big data system also helps traders to plan the stock and design more effective strategies for customer acquisition and loyalty. Proximity marketing represents a breakthrough for retail, as it brings the strategies and technology of large companies to local businesses, allowing them to cross data on and offline technologies to obtain the maximum knowledge about consumers.

The impact of advertising

The society is intoxicated with advertising. They are impacted almost continuously, although many already obviate it and do not realize it. Who does not receive at least one email a day with any offer, promotion or a new release? Since the consumer is already unable to live without their smartphone, even someone takes it to the shower with its waterproof case, why not help you decide on your purchases? Here Proximity Marketing is born.


It is nothing new. This technique of offering and presenting products has been around for a long time, the so-called merchandising. But, sometimes, it is not effective enough. It is necessary to give more information of what can be offered in a poster, banner, stopper, or used format. An access via graphic that helped to expand the information, for example, on a cold product in a linear one. The offline world was connected to online information.