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Beacons are small bits of hardware placed in specific locations. They broadcast a signal to mobile devices which are programmed to listen. Whenever a signal is received, the customer’s smart phone sends a notification. Using info from the beacon, the customer is provided targeted information or special offers based on their location.


Beacons are like a lighthouse. However, instead of emitting visible light, it broadcasts a radio signal. A Bluetooth-equipped device like an Android or iPhone can “detect” the beacon once it’s in range. Just like sailors can see the lighthouse.

What allows beacon technology to be such a great tech tool is that when this exclusive code is received by a beacon-enabled application, a set of highly-precise rules can be enacted. For example, the beacon could dim the lights when a customer enters a home theater display room, and reset an exciting video clip of the hottest Hollywood blockbuster. When customers walk by a display they may receive a targeted offer that delivers more information regarding the products and possibly a promotional discount.


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iBeacon Technology

iBeacon is Apple’s version of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) remote innovation to make a distinctive way of giving location-based data and administrations to iPhones and other iOS gadgets. iBeacon arrived in iOS6, which implies it works with iPhone 4 and newer. iPad (third era and onwards) iPad scaled down and iPod touch (fifth era and newer). So most Apple devices are compatible with iBeacon technology. This is awesome news for anybody broadcasting iBeacon signals. It’s worth noticing the same BLE innovation works with Android 4.3 and newer.

iBeacon engineering is usable in different fields, such as retail, museums, hospitals, train stations, airports, outdoor and indoor navigation, stadiums & sports complexes, galleries, banks, and more. There are numerous uses for this technology


Eddystone Beacons are an open source format developed by Google and designed with transparency and robustness in mind. Eddystone beacons can be detected by both Android and iOS devices. The Eddystone format builds on lessons learned from working with industry partners in existing deployments, as well as the wider beacon community.