There are various benefits to using iPushSales Hotspot Software. It empowers businesses to create custom and innovative encounters with customers. In order to connect with customers in the modern era, a business has to think outside the box. This is where you come in! Launch your own social WiFi marketing business to help other businesses.


Increase consumer loyalty with offers and value added services to improve overall customer experience.


Customers will become thrilled with custom content and messages designed specifically for them.

Reward Your Customers

You are able to create rewards to present shoppers with specials for making a purchase or perhaps offer a fun game to provide an interactive experience.


Capture and analyze customer data to offer targeted coupons and incentives to help drive sales.

Return Visits

With the use of Hotspot Wifi a business can encourage customers to return with coupon alerts, SMS texts, emails and much more!

Keep Content Fresh

Update content on a routine basis using the all-in-one software messaging platform, to keep the information being pushed to customers fresh.

Targeted Ads

Being able to target specific ads to your customers in a more timely way can increase foot traffic and overall sales.

Cost Effective

Social Wifi Marketing saves money by  improving campaign strategies and product sales by providing useful, relevant information.

Collaborate with Other Brands

Use your new asset to collob with popular brands and multiple third party endorsements to help expose your brand or business.

Digital Marketing Buzzword: Social WiFi Marketing

Social WiFi Marketing has become the buzzword of the offline marketing world. Complete Social WiFi software setup takes minutes. Millions of businesses are in search of new marketing techniques and this is it. With Social WiFi a business can gain real time data to improve conversions. 

Key Take Aways

Businesses need to develop and deploy customer engagement strategies across many platforms.
iPushSales Hotspot Software helps drive brand engagement and encourage new customers.
iPushSales Hotspot Software
helps increase sales and brand loyalty.

Get Started

According to many market research reports hotspot softwares have the potential to increase overall sales through positive customer interaction. Start your own social WiFi marketing business and help lead businesses and brands to leverage this type of software to push personalized/valuable experiences to customers on multiple platforms and capture significant data and insights. iPushSales Hotspot Software is a complete Business-In-A-Box opportunity.