Best Methods

Utilizing beacon marketing technology may greatly assist in drawing the interest of your customers, as it can convey your advertising messages directly to the user as soon as the user’s device comes within a beacon’s proximity within your store. These tailored, personal messages can not only help in increasing upsell, but as well serve as an avenue to improve the customer experience.

Increase Foot Traffic

Recognition for the innovation that provides the most effective service for marketing teams, enhancing their marketing automation ROI and providing the most user-friendly experience possible.

Reward Your Customers

You are able to create beacons to present shoppers with rewards for making a purchase or perhaps offer a fun game to provide an interactive experience.

Keep Content Fresh

Update content on a routine basis using the beacon’s messaging platform, to keep the information being pushed to customers fresh.

Collaborate with Other Brands

Use your new asset to collob with popular brands and third party endorsements to help expose.

Interact with Specific Products

Beacons are able to act as hotspots, allowing you to communicate with a merchandise positioned on a specific shelf. As the individual moves through the shop, products that are different appear.

The retailer may also incorporate other messages, to offer helpful tips. For example, a winery can share info about particular wines placed in a specific part of the store and what foods to match with them.

Greet Customers When They Walk In

In retail stores, it is often the situation that nobody knows a shopper is present before they makes a purchase. As a result, the clerk mainly greets the consumer when they are leaving.

Besides a welcome, the retailer is able to present customers with deals or even shopping suggestions suited to the tastes of theirs.

Get Started

According to the markets report and research the global iBeacon market has the potential to grow, riding on this growing potential, leading businesses and brands are leveraging the technology to not only offer immersive, personalized and valuable experiences to customers but as well to capture significant data and insights such as frequency of visits, loyalty metrics, dwell time, customer path etc. Get started on growing your business with beacon marketing.