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Run your own digital marketing business. Provide tools for customers to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks We provide everything you will need to launch and run a successful digital marketing business specializing in social WiFi, coupon creation marker, websites/apps applications, email/SMS automation and much more!

iPushSales Provides the Tools

With our packages choose the digital marketing tools for your business.


Provide Social Wifi Marketing, Coupon Campaigns, Websites, Apps, Email & SMS services to your customers!

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iPushSales provides sales guidelines and an easy onboarding process.

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According to many market research reports digital marketing services have the potential to increase overall sales through positive social customer interaction. Start your own digital marketing business and help lead your customers and brands to leverage this type of software to push personalized/valuable experiences to customers on multiple platforms and capture significant data and insights. iPushSales is a complete Business-In-A-Box opportunity.