iPushSales Hotspot Software

How Wifi Marketing Works

Help advertise small or large business’s and maximize public WiFi’s using our Hotspot Software. Streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks with our easy Wifi Marketing tools. We provide everything you will need to launch and run a successful digital marketing business specializing in Wifi Marketing.

Provide WiFi Hotspot

A storefront, business or any location offers a WiFi hotspot to visitors

Visitor’s Joins WiFi

Visitor’s connect
to WiFi connection

Visitor Get An Offer

Turn that visitor
into a customer

Connect with customers
as they connect with a Wifi Hotspot.

Social WiFi Logins

Consumers sign-in with social media.


Consumers sign-in with email.


Consumers sign-in with phone number.

Businesses will Receive
Smarter Customer Data to Analyze and Retarget

Real Results

Test, measure, and optimize marketing results in real time.


Collect a database that includes: First and Last Name, Email, Gender, and Age


Test and optimize real data to help make business decisions

Businesses will Re-Engage Customers!


Create branding that customers will recognize


Send custom offers to customers


Communicate directly with customers via email or SMS

Get Started

According to many market research reports digital marketing services have the potential to increase overall sales through positive social customer interaction. Start your own digital marketing business and help lead your customers and brands to leverage this type of software to push personalized/valuable experiences to customers on multiple platforms and capture significant data and insights. iPushSales is a complete Business-In-A-Box opportunity.