Beacons are certainly the car shops best foot forward in providing a warm in-store experience to consumers and converting them to buyers. Considering the affordability of beacons, it’s the best way to reach out to all potential customers and give them what they need instantly.


Push notifications based on customer’s proximity
It’s the preferred means to make your consumers feel welcome. The beacon attached to the car transmits a signal to their phone just as the customer approaches the car. What goes to the customer’s phone is entirely your call.

It could be any of these:

  • Vital statistics related to the car
  • Best deals applicable
  • Feature comparison with other models

This is particularly helpful for high-end cars where numbers, videos and detailed images may bring about an enormous difference in persuading a prospective customer!

Generate data for user analysis and booking a test drive
It’s very simple to sign up and fill up the form for a test drive via beacon devices and typically, while customers make their choices, you are busy noticing their behavior and choices. But with increasing number of footfalls in the showroom, that isn’t quite a feasible option.

With using beacon in the car shops, you can collect and analyze-

  • The status of a car model
  • Views of a model vs. sale of a model
  • Consumer movements across the showroom
  • Time spent on a particular car model
  • Allows your dealership to be more accessible


For every marketer’s or business owner’s powerful data collection is their dream. Once you know what your customers want, you can offer special deals through the app. at the start, you can just shoot notifications whenever a consumer approaches a car. However, data can as well be collated to craft individual offers for later use and make your dealership more accessible.