Museums are a site of heritage, a place to display the past, to showcase exhibit and keepsakes memories of older generations but that does not mean it cannot be futuristic. New beacon technology making waves in the market is currently being utilized by museums to communicate and engage with people thus improving the whole experience.


Venue check-in (entry tickets): By placing beacons at the entrances, museums can exonerate manual entry tickets altogether.

Contextual information: Beacons may be utilized to hyper-targeted updates or trigger proximity-based to visitors as they move around the museum. For example, a museum’s app can notify visitors of the forthcoming lecture as they pass through the auditorium. With beacons, an app can sense precisely where in the museum a guest is and offer relevant information.


Analytics: Beacons could be utilized to gather information to obtain the perception of visitor characters and employ it to enhance exhibit locations and museum layouts to improve the overall visitor experience.