Restaurants have a lot to benefit from this latest proximity-detection technology, as it allows them to have significant, private conversations with customers. The following are ways in which restaurant can put beacons to use:


Let customers order-ahead
This is particularly useful for QSRs with a high-purchase frequency. For instance, if a restaurant offers customers something that they buy on a daily basis, such as doughnuts, coffee etc., then permitting customers to order ahead will assist minimize waiting time.

Let customers know how crowded the restaurant is, before arrival
Keeping customers informed about how busy a restaurant is at a particular time is one way to allow them to cut down on the time they need to wait. Utilizing beacons around a restaurant will, in turn, offer real-time information on how several customers are really dining there at a particular point in time.

Push personalized notifications with offers on a consumer’s preferred dish
Beacons serve as a great benefit for pushing contextually appropriate notifications to customers. It’s significant to not overwhelm users with notifications, as it could drive them towards un-installing or opting-out an app. The key here is to have a deep knowledge of the value offered to customers and deliver it in the most excellent way possible.

Organize scavenger hunts
Beacon plays a vital function in offering enhanced customer engagement at restaurants. This assists you avoid tediousness by involving your customers in several events that are held at your restaurant, by delivering customized messages and deals.

Deliver custom menus and pricing to valued customers
Another way of personalizing customers’ dining experiences is to deploy beacons to deliver custom menus to esteemed customers depending on visit history and previous orders. To push things a little further, deliver custom pricing, rewarding those customers who pay frequent visits. Even better, provide customized discounts for first-time customers, encouraging them to come back often.


Gain better insights into restaurant traffic
Beacons may be utilized to collect huge amounts of unexploited data like the number of beacon hits and customer dwell time at beacons within a specific time and date range, number of customers served and busiest hours throughout the day or week, etc, make improvements on a better allocation of staff and services.