Add gamification and unique experiences to your mobile marketing campaigns with our customizable scratch & win coupons.

Add Gamification

Customers like to be entertained and enjoy scratch & win campaigns because it brings fun and suspense.

Use Pre-Built Templates

Choose from professionally designed templates or create your own!

Add Your Own Branding

Scratch and win contests can be branded with your own branding! Such as colors, logos etc.

Set Retries & Resets

You can reset the number of retries and set a reset timer after a specific timeframe.

Set the Winning Odds

You can set unlimited prizes, winning odds and you can personalize the winner and loser images per prize.

Limit Grand Prizes

iPushCoupon supports multiple prizes and you can set prize limits.(For example: 1 prize can be limited to 1 winner only)

Gain Consumer Data

Require (or make it optional) a social login before scratching to capture consumers data.

Multi-channel Distribution

You can distribute our digital scratch & win coupons through any digital marketing channel. Such as Mailchimp, Facebook, SMS, Banners etc!

Integrated Validation Methods

Choose from 5 different validation methods to validate the coupon after redeeming.

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