Our technology is the perfect method to use in order to drive consumers from social media ads into brick-and-mortar locations.

Amazing Customizable Features

With our coupon builder you can create advanced, attractive coupons for your customer and limit coupons usage amounts, expiration date.

Easy integration with digital  platforms

Coupons are accessible with a URL and they can be easily published on all your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,  etc!


Add gamification to your social media channels by using our scratch & win coupons.

Mobile Browser

Internet-enabled device with coordinates enabled by the user via mobile browser. Visit a company site on your mobile device while you’re in proximity of a location, and you can geotarget dynamic content to that individual – whether or not they’re on your Wifi.

Viral marketing

Expand your customer base by requiring to share the mobile coupon on social media before claiming the offer.

Retargeting pixels

Add retargeting pixels to coupons to retarget lost visitors and improve the redeem ratio and revenue by using our coupons.

Multiple Validation Methods

You can use 5 different validation methods including POS integrations with barcodes.

Integrate Social Media/Capture data

Require (or make it optional) a social login before any action to capture consumers data.

Sharing and saving methods

Integrated sharing and save to e-mail, PDF or printing methods.

Mobile wallet integration

Consumers can save the offer to Apple Passbook (Apple Pay) or Google Wallet.

Flexible claim methods

Consumers are required to watch a video, install an app, make a payment or enter personal data to obtain the offer.

Age gating

Limit your offers to 18+ or 21+ consumers.

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